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Referrals are 10 times more effective than a simple application
Round One offers the world's first structured and merit based process to earn job referrals
  We believe recruitment is a serious matter and your next job should not just depend on who you happen to know and who can refer you. Round One connects you with employees in any company of your choice over the phone so that you can convince them that you are worth referring based on your merit - even if you don't have common connections.
With a referral recruitment is quicker, more effective, and personal
  Sure, you can hope that hiring managers looking at thousands of resumes somehow stumble upon yours. Or, you can use Round One to earn a referral and fast track your application immediately. Sign up today to ensure your resume is prioritized and receives the guaranteed attention of recruiters at India’s top firms.
The Round One Network consists of top employees interested in referring good candidates
  Gain access to senior employees at prestigious companies. You can choose whom you want a referral from yourself based on the employee's position, department, location, and company. You can also view a listing of internal job openings reported by these employees, which is not available on any other job website.
Round One is quicker, easier and more reliable than traditional networking
  Networking to find the right contact and convincing him/her to refer you is a long, tedious and unreliable process. Skip months of futile networking with Round One.

Our comprehensive verification process ensures each interviewer is qualified to interview and refer you for the positions you choose. We first verify each of our interviewers using their official email address. Next the Round One verification team conducts due diligence using a proprietary method involving both offline and offline sources.